Corporate Social Responsibility in the Forest Sector: A Review and Future Perspectives

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become increasingly vital in the modern business landscape, particularly in industries with significant environmental impacts such as the forest sector. In a recent study conducted by Villamor, G.B. and Wallace, L. (2024), titled “Corporate Social Responsibility: Current State and Future Opportunities in the Forest Sector,” the authors delve into the […]

Pioneering Sustainable Forest Management: Exploring Target Diameter Harvesting

In an era of growing environmental awareness, the imperative for sustainable forest management has never been more pressing. One approach garnering significant attention is Continuous Cover Forestry (CCF), with Target Diameter Harvesting (TDH) emerging as a prominent method. A recent study published in the journal Forest Policy and Economics by Evison, D., Bloomberg, M., Walker, […]

Learning from Peru: Forest Management for Sustainable Economics in Indonesia

Sustainable agriculture and economic sustainability are two crucial aspects of our efforts to preserve our natural environment. How we manage our natural resources, especially forests, can have a significant impact on carbon emissions and ecosystems. According to a news report by Fraser (2023), Peru recently conducted intriguing research on the effects of unsustainable palm fruit […]