Promoting Sustainable Forest Management

Prioritize prudent forest management practices, including forest restoration, ecosystem protection, efficient use of resources, and handling conflicts of interest between conservation and the economy

Developing a Sustainable Economic Model

Promote the development of economic models that value forest sustainability, such as a sustainable timber industry, the development of responsible ecotourism, and the sustainable use of forest resources for value-added products.

Strengthening Community Participation

Encourage the active participation of local communities in decision-making related to forest conservation and use of forest resources, and ensure that they receive equitable benefits from forest-related economic activities.

Raising Awareness and Education

Educating the public about the importance of forest conservation and the economic benefits that can be generated from the sustainable use of forest resources, with the aim of creating a better understanding of the relationship between conservation and economic well-being.

Building Strong Partnerships

Develop strategic partnerships with various parties, including governments, international institutions, the private sector and civil society, to combine the interests of forest conservation and economic prosperity, as well as increase capacity in implementing sustainable practices.

Measuring Impact and Success

Develop indicators and measurement methods that can identify and evaluate the impact of forest conservation on economic well-being, including increasing income, creating jobs, and improving the quality of life of local communities.



The “Forest for Economic Sustainability Target” foundation actively strives to promote sustainable forest management, protection, and ecosystem restoration.

Our foundation actively works to reduce poverty rates in communities dependent on forest resources through various social and economic inclusion programs.

We contribute to achieving SDG 2 by promoting food security through sustainable farming practices and wise forest ecosystem management.

Our foundation actively creates sustainable job opportunities in communities reliant on forests, fostering sustainable economic growth in those regions.

We promote responsible consumption and production by encouraging sustainable practices in the use of forest 

Our foundation actively plays a role in protecting, restoring, and preserving terrestrial ecosystems, especially forests, to sustain life on land and biodiversity.



Forest protection to improve people's welfare and the future of the earth